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News Name: Entrepreneurship Award For Saudi At Amman Forum
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RIYADH: A Saudi social entrepreneur, who founded a women's employment portal in the Kingdom, bagged the “Excellence in Entrepreneurship” award at the Global Thinkers Forum in Amman last week.
The Global Thinkers Forum (GTF) is a nonprofit initiative and dialogue platform, which brings current and future leaders together to discuss governance, society, progress and the future. It was created to reposition perceptions about governance through a global perspective.
The forum held under the aegis of Queen Rania Al Abdallah, also honored leaders who have excelled in various fields. This year, it focused on the role of the modern MENA woman, regionally and globally.
At the awards ceremony, Khalid Alkhudair, founder of the Riyadh-based Glowork, a women’s employment portal in the Kingdom, was honored with the “Excellence in Entrepreneurship” award in the presence of over 200 delegates.
Speaking to Arab News after receiving the award, Alkhudair described the award as a dedication to Saudi women. “Glowork will continue to strive to enable Saudi women to enter the work force, and will aim to contribute in the creation of success stories in the Kingdom when it comes to women’s employment,” he added.
“Women deserve an equal opportunity to harness their talents in the labor market, and it is our responsibility to provide them with suitable job opportunities within the country,” Alkhudair said.
He said Glowork was established last year with the aim of providing employment opportunities to women, by bridging the gap between the education sector and the labor market. "So far Glowork has succeeded in providing job opportunities to over 6,000 Saudi women,” he added.
Earlier, Glowork was awarded the best global innovation for job creation by the ILO, the UN and the World Bank. Subsequently, the organization was named at the World Economic Forum’s best practice website for promoting gender equality in the workplace. Glowork has also trained over 800 women over a period of one year in soft skills to enable them to enter the job market. It has over 15,000 Saudi women registered on its website.



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