Latest on Glowork Top Jobs, Events and News en-us My copyright text 2015-05-23T01:06:50+01:00 me my subject اخصائية شؤون تنظيمية المهام: العمل بشكل مستقل و لكن بما يتماشى مع المدير اداره الانشطه في كل الاقسام و الشركه ككل تدير و تنسق و تجمع التقارير التنظيمية ترد على اسئلة الهيئات التنظيمية توفير التدريب الدعم اللازم إدارة المقاولين والاستشاريين الخارجيين لضمان استيفاء المعايير والجداول الزمنية المناسبة. HR Specialist • English (Very good) • 24-35 years old • 2-4 year preferred but not required with equivalent management or human resource experience • Great personality and people skills • Professional demeanor • Excellent communication skills • Ability to work in a fast paced, high-energy, full time environment • Ambition, strong work ethic, and willingness to learn • A desire to work in a team-based environment • Experience in IT, Internet, Call Center or Startups • Strong work ethic • Internally motivated • Good sense of humor • Desire to advance into human resources or management • Ability to take on a non-dictatorship management style Physical Education Teacher bides by all MLS policies and procedures 2. interacts with children in accordance with the tenants of Conscious Discipline to establish and maintain standards of student behavior 3. provides appropriate safety instruction and conducts safety checks on equipment and field areas to insure over all safety of students 4. prepares daily, short term and annual plans that meet the goals and objectives of the PE curriculum 5. offers and provides after school activity choices for elementary level students 6. selects and requisitions equipment and resources needed to meet program objectives 7. neatly stores and maintains equipment inventory 8. evaluates/assesses each student’s growth in PE 9. provides individual and small group instruction in order to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each student 10. performs other duties as may, from time to time be assigned by administration Art Teacher Job Description of Art Teacher 1. To instruct students in the elements and principles of design through disciplines such as drawing, painting, sculptures etc. with a focus on fostering student creativity. 2. To implement the Art program by preparing the learning environment, setting up interest centers and preparing needed materials and supplies. 3. To commit to developing an early appreciation of art in the elementary student and making the visual arts accessible and meaningful to each student. 4. To demonstrate an understanding of technology and curricular integration as it relates to art. 5. To create exhibits of student artwork and provide support for school events that showcase the fine arts. 6. To offer and prepare after­school art activities as part of our 10 week rotational schedule of after school activity choices for students. 7. To demonstrate excellent classroom management skills, supervising the classroom according to Conscious Discipline and MLS rules and procedures. 8. To differentiate instruction to meet the needs of learners of all ability levels. 9. To assess needs of students and evaluate student achievement. Participate in parent teacher conferences and complete report cards three times a year. 10. To take the initiative to learn and understand how the school programs are to be implemented in their individual classrooms with the support of peers and coordinators. 11. To maintain confidentiality with respect to children, their families, and other employees at all times. 12. To comply with the instructions and rules and regulations given/set by the senior management. 13. To participate in faculty committees and professional development as required. 14. To be part of the MLS performance appraisal program. Library Assistant As a library assistant, you would work with a variety of material, including: books and journals newspapers, leaflets and pamphlets video, film, DVD and CD Your work would include: helping library users to find the information they need checking materials in and out filing or replacing returned items dealing with enquiries cataloguing new materials maintaining databases and records arranging repair of damaged materials. Educational Support Description: 1- Assists the homeroom teacher in preparation of the daily learning environment. 2- Acts like as a teacher in the absence of the homeroom teacher. Quran and Islamic Teacher/ Coordinator Description: The Quranic and Islamic Subjects teacher provides Quran and Islamic Studies instruction to students in a single or multiple grades ranging from Pre-K to 6th grade. This teacher creates and educational atmosphere where students are granted the opportunity to fulfill their potential of becoming knowledgeable and productive Muslims. The \\\'Quran and Islamic Studies\\\' teacher will also collaborate with the English teachers in order to create a bilingual curriculum which incorporates Quranic and Islamic Studies with the current curriculum. Assistant Customer Service Manager / Assistant of General Manager Customer Services duties (70 % of time) • Assist the Customer Service Manager in the Order Processing through the SAP system (Customer Orders and Purchasing Orders) • Plan, prioritize and schedule customer service activities and resources to ensure continuity of service out of the back office. • Maintain accurate and up-to-date customer records. Monitor the status of customer service activities to identify problem areas and adapt procedures to improve the overall performance. • Overlook the Freight Document Attestation and Dispatch process • Manage the Material delivery cycle. This will include follow-up with custom brokers and logistics firms. • Prepare monthly and annual Sales reports for the Head Office as required. Assistant General Administration (30% of time, together with another female colleague) • Assist the General Manager in HR matters (Staff vacations planning and monitoring, Travel expenses, implementation of policies, etc.) • Manage Petty Cash, Office supplies and purchases • Assist the General Manager in steering the outsourced Government Relation company • Assure visa issuance for visitors • Assure proper communication with local service providers and IT Germany Accountant / Assistant of General Manager Accounting Responsibilities (70% of time) • Preparation of local audits, financial statements and varied fiscal reports under the supervision of the Head of Finance • Providing support to internal and external auditors • Direct oversight for all aspects of accounting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash receipts, disbursement, payroll and general ledger. • Reconcile and prepare account schedule • Posting of data to various ledgers, register, journals and logs and monthly income statements, following established accounting techniques and procedures. • Prepare service billings. • Overview, controlling and reporting of freight costs • Monitor customer credit information in conjunction with account receivables - follow up on short payments • Payroll for all staff Assistant General Administration (30% of time, together with another female colleague) • Assist the General Manager in HR matters (Staff vacations planning and monitoring, Travel expenses, implementation of policies, etc.) • Manage Petty Cash, Office supplies and purchases • Assist the General Manager in steering the outsourced Government Relation company • Assure visa issuance for visitors • Assure proper communication with local service providers and IT Germany Accountant Looking to hire an entry level Accountant who is willing to learn, train & grow both herself & the organisation. Candidate must have good knowledge in Accounting and be very detail orientated. Duties and responsibilities range from: - data entries, -updating financial statements, -preparing monthly financial reports, -calculating payroll taxes, -auditing and maintaining accounts receivable and payable. School Principal Establish and promote high standards and expectations for all students and staff for academic performance and responsibility for behavior. 2. Manage, evaluate and supervise effective and clear procedures for the operation and functioning of the school consistent with the philosophy, mission, values and goals of the school including instructional programs, extracurricular activities, discipline systems to ensure a safe and orderly climate, building maintenance, program evaluation, personnel management, office operations, and emergency procedures. Ensure compliance with all laws, board policies and civil regulations. 3. Establish the annual master schedule for instructional programs, ensuring sequential learning experiences for students consistent with the school’s philosophy, mission statement and instructional goals. 4. Supervise the instructional programs of the school, evaluating lesson plans and observing classes (teaching, as duties allow) on a regular basis to encourage the use of a variety of instructional strategies and materials consistent with research on learning and child growth and development. 5. Establish procedures for evaluation and selection of instructional materials and equipment, approving all recommendations. 6. Supervise in a fair and consistent manner effective discipline and attendance systems with high standards, consistent with the philosophy, values, and mission of the school. Ensure a safe, orderly environment that encourages students to take responsibility for behavior and creates high morale among staff and students. File all required reports regarding violence, vandalism, attendance and discipline matters. 7. Establish a professional rapport with students and with staff that has their respect. Display the highest ethical and professional behavior and standards when working with students, parents and school personnel. Serve as a role model for students, dressing professionally, demonstrating the importance and relevance of learning, accepting responsibility, and demonstrating pride in the education profession. Encourage all teachers to do the same. 8. Notify immediately the Board, and appropriate personnel and agencies when there is evidence of substance abuse, child abuse, child neglect, severe medical or social conditions, potential suicide or students appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances. 9. Keep the Board advised of employees not meeting their contractual agreement. 10. Research and collect data regarding the needs of students, and other pertinent information including the collection of detail regarding the sacraments students have received or are preparing for. Keep the Chaplain informed of this information. 11. Keep the staff informed and seek ideas for the improvement of the school. Conduct meetings, as necessary, for the proper functioning of the school: weekly meetings for full-time staff; monthly staff meetings. 12. Establish and maintain an effective inventory system for all school supplies, materials and equipment. 13. Establish procedures that create and maintain attractive, organized, functional, healthy, clean, and safe facilities, with proper attention to the visual, acoustic and temperature. 14. Assume responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of students, employees and visitors. 15. Develop clearly understood procedures and provide regular drills for emergencies and disasters. 16. Maintain a master schedule to be posted for all teachers. 17. Establish schedules and procedures for the supervision of students in non-classroom areas (including before and after school). 18. Maintain visibility with students, teachers, parents and the Board. 19. Communicate regularly with parents, seeking their support and advice, so as to create a cooperative relationship to support the student in the school. The Principal may not interfere with anyone’s freedom to speak directly to the Chaplain. 20. Use effective presentation skills when addressing students, staff, parents, and the community including appropriate vocabulary and examples, clear and legible visuals, and articulate and audible speech. 21. Use excellent written and oral English skills when communicating with students, parents and teachers. 22. Complete in a timely fashion all records and reports as requested by the Board. Maintain accurate attendance records School Manger الوظيفة ستكون في احدى المدارس الاهليه في مدينة جده - الإشراف الفني على المعلمين وتطوير المعلمين لزيادة كفاءتهم - رعاية الطلاب ، وتطوير المناهج. - الإشراف على برامج التوجيه والإرشاد . - الإشراف على الاختبار. - حضور الاجتماعات. - التعاون مع الموجهين الفنيين والإداريين. - وضع التقارير ورفعها إلى السلطات التعليمية . - وضع خطط برامج العلاقات بين المدرسة والبيئة والإشراف عليها. - مقابلة أولياء أمور الطلاب ، ومتابعة مشكلات أبنائهم ، واقتراح الحلول المناسبة. - القيام بحلقة الوصل بين العاملين بالمدرسة وبين البيئة المحلية بما فيها من هيئات ومنظمات. School Manger الوظيفة ستكون في احدى المدارس الاهليه في مدينة جده - الإشراف الفني على المعلمين وتطوير المعلمين لزيادة كفاءتهم - رعاية الطلاب ، وتطوير المناهج. - الإشراف على برامج التوجيه والإرشاد . - الإشراف على الاختبار. - حضور الاجتماعات. - التعاون مع الموجهين الفنيين والإداريين. - وضع التقارير ورفعها إلى السلطات التعليمية . - وضع خطط برامج العلاقات بين المدرسة والبيئة والإشراف عليها. - مقابلة أولياء أمور الطلاب ، ومتابعة مشكلات أبنائهم ، واقتراح الحلول المناسبة. - القيام بحلقة الوصل بين العاملين بالمدرسة وبين البيئة المحلية بما فيها من هيئات ومنظمات. Account Manager The Account Manager is responsible for achieving channel objectives, KPIs and targets by fostering the relationship between Geidea and its customers that drive retention and satisfaction within the existing customer base. • Operate as the leadpoint of contact for any and all matters specific to his customer/bank(s). • Build and maintain strong customer relationships. • Ensure the timely and successful delivery of service according to client’s contracts and SLAs. • Audit reports sent to clients from other departments to ensure accuracy and quality of data. • Communicate clearly the progress of monthly/quarterly initiatives to internal and external stakeholders to include but not limited to, quarterly reports. HR Officer To provide administrative support to the Human Resources Manager & assist with employee queries to help create a healthy work culture and attractive Geidea brand. Tasks include, but not limited to: -Attendance o Enrolment of new employees in hand punch and hand punch software. o Update Employee folders with sick leaves, visas & Vacation Leave Forms, Compensation Leave Forms. o Provide HR Manager with monthly updates of lateness and unauthorized absence on 26th of each month. -Assists in recruitment & selection for Grades A, B & C only and/or instructed by HR Manager -Training & development of employees -Enrollment of new employees o Obtain required paperwork for new employees o Send Welcome Email before start date, minimum 3 days o Create employee (hard copy) folder, within 2 days of employee start date & provide to HR Coordinator by 3rd day o Create employee number and email o Update HR Manager of employee payroll start date & bank details o Send introductory email to appropriate department o Be first point of welcome for employee induction at office o Prepare employee identification cards o Provide employee with custody and/or assets Bank Coordinator Ensure a high level of coordination between Riyad bank and Geidea so as to achieve highest level of customer service. The Bank Coordinator will be an employee of Geidea but based in Riyad Bank office. Major tasks are: •Data entry of all TMS feeds onto TMS software as and when instructed by the bank. •Send all installation requests in a clear and accurate manner no later than 3 hours upon receipt from Coordinator of Bank & using the Installation Request Form (Excel Sheet) to Geideas helpdesk team. •Support Geidea team with data when needed (numbers, connection type, VIP merchants, VIP installation, etc…) as per Geidea inter department SLA agreement. •Managing day to day tasks as instructed by Head of POS (of bank). Seek approval from Head of POS or Geidea line manager before carrying out instructions from Coordinator (of bank). •Call back daily a minimum of 20 merchants, of all tickets closed within the past 24 hours. All call backs must be documented using the Callback Form. •Close maintenance tickets by POS where possible in accordance with First Level Maintenance before transferring to Geidea Helpdesk team. Help desk Officer The Help desk Officer works in the Help desk Department to provide support for Geidea\'s main product: Point Of Sale (POS) terminals and its client: Banks. The role is a mix of customer service and administration work. Main tasks include: -Answering & providing assistance by resolving issue on the phone. -Coordinate with technicians to manage support cases which cannot be resolved over the phone. -Ensure Banks are kept continuously up to date with any support cases until case/ticket is closed. -Updating ticket’s remarks continuously to enable accurate case/request’s history. -Call back all customers or a minimum of 80% daily cases after a ticket is closed, within 24 hours. -Updating Daily Report before it gets sent to the bank. -Generating different purpose reports as requested; banks, customers, delay report, etc. A Help desk Officer has an excellent career pathway and can grow into several roles: Bank Coordinator, Help desk Supervisor, Account Manager, Department Manager. Inside Sales specialist Roles and Responsibilities: 1- Prospecting national and international clients by various means, including calling and mailing, and obtaining valid information. 2- Analyze, identify and quantify target markets to find new business contacts. 3- Converting inbound leads to sales qualified leads using industry best practices and internal techniques. 4- Reporting customer transactions and entering data regularly into the CRM system. 5- Maximize sales to existing customers. 6- Conduct negotiations with clients to drive lasting agreements and commitments and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. 7- Building and maintaining a healthy pipeline to achieve and exceed monthly quota. Driving revenue by effectively addressing the client\'s business need, offering appropriate value proposition solutions and closing accounts over the phone. Commercial Assistant -The new employee will be a part of the trade team at the Embassy - The department consists of 2 commercial advisers and a secretary, and the new employee will be supporting the department. -The new employee has to be structured, self-motivated, able to multitask, know outlook, excel, word, team player, but able to work alone, positive, experience with trade would be nice but not a must. Emergency Visa Operations Clerk Under the supervision of the operation program supervisor, provides clerical services; assists in case processing; receives cost recovery funds and maintains associated control systems; and participates in a system of rotation to perform other duties. Duties: A. Assists in the processing of non-immigrant applications by: 1- Receiving application forms and checking them for completeness and sufficient information (paper and e-apps) 2- Returning to the client any application form which is incomplete and indicating what further information or completion is required (in case of e-apps, cancel the file and issue a refund) 3- Checking the computer databases for any previous record of the individual and comparing them against security profiles. 4- Creating new electronic and paper files. 5- Passing completed created files to the person responsible for the next stage of processing. 6- Entering pre-decision information for e-apps into the computer files by extracting it from applications and documents provided. 7- Inputting additional material received to maintain computer files up to date and drawing to the attention of a Canadian Immigration officer any information or document that may be invalid. 8- Requesting or following up by e-mail or telephone on missing documents, or other information needed to conclude case processing. 9- Issue refunds for cancelled application if applicable. 10-Bring to the attention of the supervisor any urgent cases. B. Provides communication support: 1- Receiving e-mails/faxes/letters and taking appropriate action on each request. 2- Contacting clients to request additional information or documents and scheduling interviews as requested by CBO. 3- Handling passports and documents received from clients. 4- Dealing with window cases (diplomats, interviews…etc.). 5- Dealing with on-hold cases by sending requests to the clients forward received info to CBO, and keep track of the on-hold files. 6-checking the PC requests inbox and send forms to the clients via ARAMEX and registered mail. 7- Sending on-line request for e-apps and checking if the DOX are received or not. 8- Scanning and uploading documents requested for e-apps. C. Receives cost recovery funds and maintains associated control systems by: 1- Determining the fee payable by the applicant and receiving payment of cost recovery fees by certified cheque or bank draft. 2- Entering revenue in POS+ system and issuing official receipts, maintaining transaction records as required. 3- Using the POS computer system, creates all cost recovery fee files and generates receipts to all applicants who must pay for service. 4- Conducting daily and end of month reconciliation of cost recovery accounts under supervision. 5- Carries out other duties as directed by the supervisor, such as compilation of statistics and reports on cost recovery activities. D. Maintains the visitor application filing system by: 1- Gathering finalized applications and sorting them out by numerical visa sequence or date received.. 2- Placing finalized application forms in appropriate folders for easy reference. 3- Locating and referring to applications as requested. 4- Bringing to the attention of the supervisor problems encountered in the sorting or cross-indexing of documents. E. Sending out: 1- Sending out passports and other documents to the client via ARAMEX and VAC (back up). E. Performs other duties as required such as: 1- Rotating to perform other duties (converting files, reception coverage, MEDS RCVD). 2- Acting for LES 05 positions.