Passport to Success

Preparing Young Women for the World of Work

Passport to Success (PTS) a curriculum that has been tested and is now available in 17 languages.

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It is structured to easily fit various cultures and languages according to the local needs. During this program women are trained on several skills ranging from managing strong emotions, the power of positive attitude and making the first positive impression to stress management, keys to become a good employee, and managing conflict.

These skills prepare these candidates to enter the labour market regardless of which field they will begin working in. this is because these skills are required anywhere people work.

  • Glowork is certified by International Youth Foundation to conduct Passport to Success for women in Saudi.

More than 100 thousand young men and women from 19 countries are trained on this program to day by International Youth Foundation. At IYF, it is believe that educated, employed, and engaged young people possess the power to solve the world’s toughest problems.

  • Glowork has joined International Youth Foundation in this valuable belief and cause.
  • Glowork conducts this comprehensive two weeks (30 hours) program at its premises for young Saudi women to build and enhance their soft skills.


According to IYF, the experience around the world has taught us how critical confidence, responsibility, and problem-solving are for young people’s success. Based on employer demand, the life skills like these are key to getting work and growing on the job. They have broad and long-lasting value.

Trusted solutions for building life skills

92% of employers said "soft skills" were as or more important than technical skills.

Wall Street Journal Survey

77% of employers say the life skills they value most are hardest to find and worry that shortages could impair their company's growth.

PwC's 20th CEO Survey, 2017

256% return on investment from teaching employees soft skills.

University of Michigan

Passport to Success® prepares young people to be the kind of employees every company wants to hire and retain: responsible, motivated, and engaged team players.

Passport to Success®

Through the research at IYF and experience around the world, we know that life skills are a critical missing link for employers and young jobseekers.

Utilized in 20 languages and implemented in more than 50 countries, PTS responds to the needs of youth, employers, youth-serving organizations, and other key stakeholders. More than 185,000 youth trained to-date have acquired the confidence, reliability, and teamwork skills necessary to succeed in school, work, and life. In complement to the curriculum, IYF provides organizations and the youth they serve with relevant trainings, coaching sessions, and certification to ensure the highest quality delivery of the program.

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