Virtual Office Solution

Glowork has a system that allows women to work virtually from home. It has helped create opportunities for them in rural areas and an online job portal exclusively for female job seekers.

Virtual Office Solution

More about Virtual office solution

The company developed a virtual office monitoring solution’ tool. This tool enables women to work virtually from home and employers are able to monitor their activities in a very professional manner. This overcomes constraints of segregation due to which SMEs resist hiring women as that would mean separate office space, rent, utilities, furniture, etc. which is regarded as a “cost”. The tool also enables women to apply for over 20 different kinds of jobs from home and each has its own monitoring metric.

This creates jobs for those in rural areas and with special needs/disabilities. Increases the Saudization percentage, and saves money for the employer, as the cost of the system is similar to the cost of the transportation allowance alone, leaving other overhead costs aside.

The system won an award by the International Labor Organization (ILO), United Nations (UN) and World Bank through the youth employment network, as being the most innovative solution for job creation in the world.

The system won an award by


United Nations (UN)


International Labor Organization (ILO)


World Bank

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